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Automotive Radar Technology Innovations power next-gen ADAS and Autonomous Driving

Event: AutoSens Brussels
| Published: 5th October 2023
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Hear from:

Matthias Feulner
Senior Director Marketing,

NXP Semiconductor

Integration level of radar sensors has dramatically increased, and at the same time, detail level provided by the sensor has substantially improved, supporting more accurate detection, separation and even classification of small objects at distances beyond 300m. This presentation will focus on two recent Radar innovations as key enablers: RFCMOS single-chip Radar integration and high-resolution 4D Imaging Radar technology.

Together, these innovations will power new capabilities. On the one hand, they will help meet ever more stringent requirements of the NCAP 2025 safety roadmap, in particular, detection of vulnerable road users at distances up to 200m and under more demanding environmental conditions like inclement weather or at night-time which present challenges for cameras. On the other hand, they will enable new comfort features in L2/L3 vehicles, which will allow OEMs enhance driving experience.

The next frontier is the transition towards future vehicle architectures. Efficient management of larger amounts of detailed sensor data, coordination of many sensors as well as scalability of sensor configurations across different car models, region-specific requirements and autonomy levels will be key.

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