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Chip-scale LiDAR for affordability and manufacturability

Event: AutoSens Brussels
| Published: September 2022
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Hear from:

dongjae shin
Principal Researcher,

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

LiDAR has been in explosive demands in various applications including autonomous driving, but the so-called “LiDAR lag” still persists. Since there are already LiDAR products providing excellent performance, the current LiDAR lag is presumably due to cost and manufacturability. To meet the market expectations behind this LiDAR lag, it might be inevitable to apply the silicon technology to LiDAR, as most of other sensors. However, due to the light source that cannot be implemented in silicon insofar, LiDAR has been outside the realm of the traditional silicon technology. In this presentation, we introduce a chip-scale solid-state LiDAR technology promising the cost and manufacturability advantages inherited from the silicon technology. The challenge of the light source integration has been overcome by the III/V-on-silicon technology that has just emerged in the silicon industry. With the III/V-on-silicon chip in the core, initial LiDAR module performance, performance scalability, and status of the ADAS-level field test are presented.

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