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Expanding data production and delivering synchronous simulation across all sensors

Event: AutoSens Brussels
| Published: September 2020
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rFpro has developed a means to slash the hardware costs associated with large-scale simulation. It ensures that AV and ADAS engineers can perform complex simulations involving multiple sensors. The ground-breaking approach, Data Farming, has the potential to remove the industry’s dependence on the time-consuming, error-prone manual annotation of test data. It’s 10,000 times faster than manual techniques and provides a cost-effective way of creating the same data completely error-free. Engineers are able to build complete datasets across the full vehicle system where every single sensor is simulated at the same time. This is essential where sensor fusion is being employed to bring together data, such as from multiple stereo cameras, LiDAR and radar sensors simultaneously. Join us to learn more about how this approach is being trialled successfully with leading AV and ADAS developers, featuring a focused case study with one of our current technology customers.

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