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From Vision to Action: Elevating Safety with Super-Resolution Imaging Radars and AI-Enabled Perception

Event: AutoSens Brussels
| Published: 5th October 2023
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Hear from:

Dane Mitrev
Senior ML Engineer,

Provizio ai

In this presentation, attendees will gain valuable insights into the critical role of imaging radars in achieving safe autonomy and next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Provizio’s innovative approach focuses on leveraging super-resolution imaging radars and Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout the radar processing chain to unlock scalable, all-weather perception capabilities. By incorporating AI algorithms, attendees will discover how imaging data can be transformed into actionable insights, revolutionizing safety in autonomous systems. The session will showcase point cloud neural network (NN) architectures for super-resolution and denoising, as well as NN architectures for radar-only detection, classification, and freespace estimation. By compounding the advantages of super resolution radars and AI integration at various stages of the chain, attendees will understand how scene understanding is exponentially enhanced, leading to ubiquitous perception on-the-edge.

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