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Innovative applications of MEMs for Automotive Depth Sensing Use-Cases

Event: AutoSens Brussels
| Published: September 2021
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Hear from:

Ridon Arifi
PhD Student,


Shashank Dabral
Director Product Management, Autonomy,


Together, with Audi Group, we show a concept on how the DMD based headlights in conjunction with the front camera can enable depth generation use cases based on Structured Light (SL) Algorithms. We provide an overview of existing SL algorithms and challenges in using them in the automotive environments due to Ego Motion and provide possible solutions to address these challenges.
Changing gears, we discuss the possible applications of DMD devices in Lidar devices for ambient noise reduction in the receiver path. We continue further to introduce a revolutionary pre-production MEMs device that works on the principle of Phase Light Modulation (PLM). We discuss the high-level architecture of the PLM device and the corresponding programming model based on Fourier Imaging. We then conclude with possible architectures highlighting the suitability of the PLM device for Lidar transmitters and its advantage over existing technologies.

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