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No Automated Future Without LiDAR

Event: AutoSens Detroit
| Published: June 2021
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As we look to the future of automated driving, there is no single sensor that can do it all. Instead, there is a need for camera, radar and LiDAR sensors, complementing each other’s sensing capabilities and creating safety through redundancy. Short-range LiDAR sensors are crucial to negotiate urban environments and traffic jams, while long-range LiDAR sensors enable high speed driving on highways. As a mobility supplier, this highlights some key questions – what technologies are meeting the requirements of automated driving in urban and highway scenarios? What is available now and what should we plan for later introduction? How can we deliver the right technology mix in a way that is affordable? While it will be a race to see who can drive down the cost of LiDAR, Continental’s perspective is clear: Safe autonomous mobility requires LiDAR technology – with the right performance-to-cost ratio – to address existing corner cases unsolvable by camera and radar solutions.

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