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Production enabler and Special Algorithms for Imaging Radar

Event: AutoSens Brussels
| Published: September 2022
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Hear from:

Santhana Raj
Technical Architect,

PathPartner Technology

Cascade or imaging radar is a growing up to be widely preferred front radar solution for L4 and L5 applications. Handling multi-chip cascade radar has its own issues ranging from hardware design, data size, and algorithms. In this presentation, we specifically concentrate on special algorithms that need to be designed for any production project. These would include BPM\/DDMA configurations & processing, interference detection & mitigation, etc. Having imaging radar with a high-density point cloud also enables us to perform functionalities that were reserved for Camera or Lidar, for example, self-localization and high accuracy classification. The multipath also remains a problem and has to be handled differently. In this presentation, we explain these topics and provide our experience in addressing these issues effectively.

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