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FMCW as the end state: exploring the perception advantages of per-point instant velocity data

Event: AutoSens Detroit
| Published: 24th May 2023
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Hear from:

Matt Last
Director of Product,


Next-generation Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave LiDAR systems can detect and track objects farther, faster, and with greater precision than ever before. Aeva’s FMCW LiDAR-on-chip system adds a doppler velocity measurement channel to the standard range, azimuth, elevation, and reflectivity channels generated by traditional 3D LiDAR systems. Although it is clear to many that adding per point velocity data to the lidar point cloud improves performance of the perception system, it has not always been clear precisely how this improvement occurs. This session will explore the unique capabilities enabled by the velocity channel, how they deliver an added dimension of safety and reliability to vehicle automation, and why FMCW-based systems are the end state for automotive LiDAR.

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