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FOCUS: Revolutionizing the In-Cabin Environment: The 4 Key Pillars of the Third Space

Event: AutoSens FOCUS
| Published: Thursday 30th November
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Hear from:

Junko Yoshida


Editor in Chief,

The Ojo Yoshida Report

Matthew Remijn
Head of Product,


Kip Dondlinger
Product Design and Planning Manager, Automotive OEM,


Dr. Peter Amthor
Strategy Technology and Regulations Director, Intelligent Cockpit,

HARMAN International

Embark on an enchanting journey with the 4 Pillars of Automotive In-Cabin Technology: Entertainment, Productivity, Wellbeing, and HMI. How do we enhance the In-Cabin experience for both drivers and passengers?

Imagine a world where every journey becomes a cinematic adventure, connecting riders seamlessly to preferred entertainment: enveloping passengers in a multimedia world, making every journey special with favourite music, movies, and apps at your fingertips.

Enjoy the fusion of mobility and efficiency as the vehicle transforms into a mobile office, enhancing Productivity by enabling work to be accomplished on the go.

Prioritizing Wellbeing, advanced systems ensure passengers breathe only the purest air while also providing health monitoring and modes for stress-relief and relaxation during your travels.

Finally, navigate into the future with Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Intuitive touchscreens, gesture recognition, and voice commands bring futuristic control and navigation to the vehicle.

Join us in this conversation to explore the automotive evolution. In an ever-competitive marketplace, what In-Cabin features are the most desirable for consumers? And how can engineers and experts better collaborate to deliver an extraordinary experience with every drive?

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