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Reliable in-cabin awareness for occupant safety via multi-sensor fusion

Event: InCabin Phoenix
| Published: 28th March 2023
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Hear from:

Jan-Martin Juptner
Business Development Manager – Automotive,

Sony Depthsensing Solutions

Current 2D IR DMS systems and upcoming next generation 2D RGB/ IR OMS systems (≈2026) are expected to rely fully on 2D information. This is a good first step for OEMs to integrate a camera inside the car to monitor head and eye state to alert the driver in case of drowsiness or lack of attention.

Sony believes that in the future, advanced occupant state, posture and context awareness will be needed to achieve a safer in-cabin for all occupants. Therefore several sensors need to be fused, to not only cover the monitoring of the driver, but understanding the activity and behavioral context for the driver and all passengers. With this understanding the active safety systems step up in performance and passive safety systems can be optimally supported, such as active restraint systems.

In the talk Sony describes the necessity of sensor fusion, confirms the statement by research and shows ways how to enable safe in-cabins

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