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The State of Intoxication Research: The Opportunities and Challenges

Event: InCabin Phoenix
| Published: 28th March 2023
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Hear from:

Detlef Wilke
Vice President of Automotive,

For as long as cars have existed, drunk driving has been a complex problem in need of comprehensive solutions. Different strategies for mitigating intoxicated driving have been deployed for over a century, yet none of them have proven to be very effective. Critical research is being conducted by government bodies, the automotive industry, technology companies and academia to determine better approaches.

Driven by technical enhancements in Artificial Intelligence and global regulatory efforts, Driver Monitoring Systems are fast becoming a leading human-centered automotive safety system. Initially focused on detecting distracted and drowsy driving, these systems may offer keys to detecting and mitigating driver impairment due to intoxication.

In this presentation we will explore the state of alcohol intoxication research and opportunities to leverage evolving driver monitoring (DMS) technology to enhance road safety – all drawing from Smart Eye’s existing research collaborations.

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