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Virtualization of optical qualification for windshield camera zones

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Stephane Baldo


Released on October 05, 2023

Windshields are not neutral optical elements. They can have an important negative impact on the performance of ADAS and AD systems. Different makers of these systems specify various quality requirements and different quality metrics validation for the need of their specific systems. These metrics are such as optical power, MTF, wavefront analysis, etc… The plurality of these tests would impose an unbearable burden on windshields makers in term of investment and in term of impact on production throughput by their time-consuming chokehold if using conventional measuring technics. We have developed a new scanning technology that mathematically models in high definition and high precision the inner and outer surfaces of the camera zone. Using this representation, we can virtualize any optical test by advanced ray tracing rendering: Optical power at any tilt and yaw angles Multi position MTF measurement Shack-Hartmann full surface sensor Full surface mapping of double image Maximum stereoscopic deviations This all-purpose representation can also be integrated by ADAS and AD systems makers into their calibration process, their QC pipeline, and their teaching database for system robustness improvements.

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