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Automotive Radar: Technologies and Tradeoffs

Event: AutoSens Online
| Published: November 2020
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Automotive Radar is an integral part of the ADAS sensor suite because of it robust capability to accurately estimate the object distance and velocity regardless of the lighting conditions and the weather. Radars have been around for decades, but the drive toward autonomous vehicles has brought unprecedented innovation in the radar technology recently pushing the performance limits of the sensor in a progressively smaller form factor. &nbspAs more radar sensors get integrated in a vehicle, the cost of each radar sensor is required to ‘and is expected to ‘come down to maintain the overall cost envelope for the entire fusion platform, and the vehicle itself. In this talk, we present a brief overview of the recent advances in radar technologies and the cost / performance tradeoffs the designers ‘and the system architects ‘have to make to usher in the era of autonomous vehicles.

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