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Software-Defined LiDAR: The Bridge to Hands-Free, High-Speed Autonomy

Event: AutoSens Detroit
| Published: 24th May 2023
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Hear from:

Mrinal Sood
Director of Technical Marketing,


While cameras and radars have been the foundation of L1 & L2 ADAS systems, taking the leap to L3+ shifts the liability from the driver to the OEM. And to take on that liability, OEMs are looking to solve crucial perception edge cases which have been problematic due to sensor shortcomings such as insufficient resolution in radars and temporary blindness in cameras from direct sunlight. A software-defined lidar that adapts to its surroundings can bridge the gap by providing meaningful information both in low-speed urban environments and during high-speed highway driving. In this session, Mrinal explains how AEye’s software-defined 4Sight platform tackles specific problems such as the ability to see small road obstacles from more than 200 meters away – a critical criteria that needs to be addressed before OEMs take liability for hands-free driving at highway speeds.

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