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AutoSens Academy

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World-class technical ADAS training, delivered by global experts.

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£1999 per pass | Save 10% when you book 3 or more passes (Apply Promo Code)

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Team Passes

If you have been set-up to manage your company’s Team Passes for AutoSens or InCabin. Only you have access to the management of your Team. When purchasing a pass, please enter your full name only, in the “Booking Name” field below, and not the name of a delegate. You can allocate tickets to attendees after completing the checkout process.

If you are not the person attending this event, ensure you do not tick the “I am attending” box below the “Booking Name” field. Ticking this box will automatically allocate a pass to the name and email address provided on the billing form at the bottom of this page.

OEM or Tier 1?

If you work for an OEM or Tier 1 organisation, you qualify to attend for free, we just need a refundable deposit to secure your place. The discount will be auto-applied after you enter your work email address during check-out. Discounts are determined using our list of pre-approved email domains. If you think your domain should be added, please contact us here. This deposit will be refunded to you within 15 days of the event, provided that you have checked-in onsite. For more information see our T&C’s.