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How silicon-based SPAD sensors enable reliable and cost-optimized lidars today

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Alexis Vander Biest
Senior Manager - Automotive Department,

Sony Depthsensing Solutions

Released on October 05, 2023

The lidar market has been seeing a lot of activity lately with mergers, exits and new entrants. The new financial pressure on companies in the lidar space now means that a pathway to real and profitable revenue is even more vital for these companies to survive.
In this presentation, we will give Sony’s overview about which technology choices are available to new startup / existing companies today and why we believe one specific technology still offers a more reliable path to profitability than several of the alternative solutions in the market. The Lidar SPAD based on Silicon from Sony means a faster time to market, “tried and tested” and cost-optimized solution to the Lidar space. We will also explore how silicon-based sensors have the potential to meet eye safety requirements, cope with adverse meteorological conditions and achieve the range required by lidar manufacturers.

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