Alexis Vander Biest

Alexis Vander Biest

Senior Manager - Automotive Department

Sony Depthsensing Solutions

About Alexis Vander Biest

Alexis Vander Biest is Senior Manager in the automotive division of Sony Semiconductor Group. The company mission is to bring cutting-edge 2D/3D sensing technologies to the automotive world. As part of their imaging portfolio, Sony offers a comprehensive line-up of high performance and fully integrated SPAD sensors designed to unlock the full potential of today’s lidars.

In close collaboration with both customers and Sony IC design teams, Alexis’ teams help define new sensor specifications and design camera & lidar that are used to support Sony’s large base of T1/OEM customers. With a broad interest in technology and an appetite for passionate discussions, Alexis is always on the lookout for exchanges with partners and customers.

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