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JPEG XS video compression in automotive, a brief introduction

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Fracois-Pierre Clouet
Product Application Specialist,

intoPIX SA

Released on October 05, 2023

JPEG XS, one of the latest standards released by the JPEG committee, is the answer to the increasing demand for video quality in video transmission applications where bandwidth is limited.
The improvement of sensor resolutions and frame rates in ADS and ADAS systems in particular challenges the available cabling of in-vehicle network, it becomes impossible to transmit uncompressed high-resolution videos on existing networks.
While well-known DCT-based compression technologies might be able to provide the required video quality and fit the available bandwidth, they are not be suitable in terms of latency and power consumption.
JPEG XS on the other hand is designed to meet this industry’s requirements: lightweight, low-complexity, less-than-1ms latency and lossless compression. It has all the advantages of an uncompressed video workflow while providing a compression ratio ranging from 2:1 to 10:1, saving power, bandwidth and cost.
In addition, JPEG XS can compress straight various RAW formats straight from the sensor.
Its low complexity offers efficient implementations on all major platform types, being software or hardware.

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