Fracois-Pierre Clouet

Francois-Pierre Clouet

Product Application Specialist

intoPIX SA

About Francois-Pierre Clouet

François-Pierre received his Electronics Engineer Diploma – from the French Grenoble Institute of Technology in 2004.
After a few years in Academics – French South African Institute of Technology in Pretoria -, and Electronics Engineering Consultancy – CSIE – , he joined the intoPIX team in 2012. Initially involved in customer supports, he gained in depth knowledge in the company’s main core business: Wavelet codecs and their latency/quality optimization. These include the Digital Cinema and Broadcast standard JPEG 2000, the internally developed TICO proprietary codec and the recently standardized JPEG XS.
Now a Product Application Specialist, François-Pierre helps intoPIX partners optimize their video network with intoPIX innovations.

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