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Advanced Image Processing of Non-RGB CFA Sensors for Automotive Applications

Event: AutoSens USA
| Session Date: Thursday 23rd May
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Hear from:

Peng Lin
VP & Chief Technology Officer - Vision BU,

indie Semiconductor

While RCCB, RYYCy, and RCCG sensors provide significantly better low light sensitivity, it is also well-known in the automotive industry that these types of non-RGB CFA sensors suffer from poor Red / Yellow traffic light discrimination. Even this severe drawback does not stop some major Tier-1 and OEMs from continuing to adopt RCCB, RCCG, and RYYCy sensors in real products. For example, Mobileye uses RYYCy sensor, and Tesla uses RCCB sensor, and we are seeing RCCG also being adopted. That demonstrates how important these non-RBG CFA sensors are for ADAS and ADS applications. indie’s brand new, up-coming iND880 video processor resolves the Red / Yellow traffic light differentiation issue of RCCB, RCCG, and RYYCy type sensors as well as addresses many other HDR image quality improvement. The solution includes a redesign of the ISP with specialized algorithms and ISP architecture targeting non-RGB CFA sensors. This new ISP technology allows automotive computer vision applications to take full advantage of the improved low light SNR provided by the non-RGB CFA sensors without the Red / Yellow traffic light discrimination issues

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