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Advantages of Radar in Automated Parking

Event: AutoSens USA
| Session Date: Wednesday 22nd May
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Hear from:

Justin Weeks
Product Marketing Engineer,

Texas Instruments

William List
Field Applications Engineer,

Texas Instruments

As automotive original equipment manufacturers develop vehicles with increasing autonomy, automating the act of parking continues to evolve. These parking systems include park assistance (where a driver’s participation is still necessary) and automated parking (where hands-free operation is possible). Today’s automotive parking systems use ultrasonic and camera sensors. However, automated parking systems can use radar sensors for effective 360-degree view sensing even in challenging environmental conditions and radar provides valuable surroundings information such as the range, velocity and angles of nearby objects. Reliability is the greatest drawback to other sensing technologies such as ultrasonic, capacitive and camera systems. Water, dirt, debris, fog, snow, and low or bright lights can hamper other sensing technologies, but not mmWave radar. Radar continues working in various environmental conditions. Additionally, radar does not require the nonmetallic bumper cutouts, preserving the aesthetics of the car while also protecting the radar sensors.

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