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Elevating Safety in the Dark: Unleashing the Potential of Nighttime AEB Performance with Thermal Sensing

Event: AutoSens USA
| Session Date: Wednesday 22nd May
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Hear from:

Thermal Sensing Technical Sales,

Magna Electronics

Stuart Klapper
SVP, Thermal Business Unit,

Magna Electronics

In this presentation, we will address the limitations of traditional AEB systems in achieving optimal performance in nighttime conditions. Reduced visibility during the dark hours poses a significant challenge for accurately detecting and reacting to potential hazards on the road. Existing AEB systems heavily rely on visual cues, which are limited in low-light and adverse weather conditions. As a result, the performance of AEB systems is weakened, leading to increased risks of nighttime collisions. We will present the benefits of implementing Thermal AEB Systems in future automobiles. These systems leverage advanced thermal imaging technology to detect and classify objects on the road, providing a reliable and efficient means of identifying potential hazards, even in complete darkness. By utilizing thermal sensors, Thermal AEB Systems can distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects based on their unique heat signatures, improving accuracy and reducing false positives. By embracing Thermal AEB Systems, we can bridge the gap in nighttime AEB performance and pave the way for a safer and more reliable driving experience. These systems offer tangible benefits in terms of detection capability, extended range, accuracy, and reduced false positives, and meeting consumer expectations for enhanced safety features in future automobiles.

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