Session Track:

Mixed-Flow Traffic of CAVs and HDVs



Vehicular automation, in conjunction with connectivity, is proving to be both disruptive and transformative. After more than a century, the human is relinquishing control of the driving task to autonomous systems on roads. For the foreseeable future, the transition to a fully autonomous road transportation system will entail the coexistence of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and human-driven vehicles (HDVs) in what is commonly labeled as “mixed-flow traffic”. This introduces several potential challenges and opportunities due to the different driving characteristics and capabilities of humans and autonomous systems. Existing models and methods for the management and control of traffic networks are premised on HDVs. This tutorial will discuss the modeling, analysis, and implications of traffic- and network-related problems in mixed-flow traffic environments. It will illustrate potential risks, emergent phenomena, and opportunities to leverage CAV capabilities, as CAVs become more commonplace. In particular, it will discuss longitudinal and lateral interactions in mixed-flow traffic and consequent network-level impacts.

Hear from:

Srinivas Peeta
Frederick R. Dickerson Chair & Professor,

Georgia Institute of Technology

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