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Pioneering Next-Generation Deep Ultrasound for Autonomous Mobility



In the pursuit of autonomy, safety and reliability are paramount. Current optical and radar vehicle navigation systems face performance limitations in challenging environments like fog and rain, hindering autonomous technology’s efficiency and effectiveness. While air-coupled ultrasound sensing has been in existence for a long time, almost no commercial system exists which can perform 2D/3D sensing to industry standards. This is not because of the inherent limitations of the physical rules governing ultrasound in air, but rather due to the limited complexity of the more widely used (1D) ultrasound sensors (e.g. parking sensors and range finders).
Calyo, a UK-based tech company, has developed a novel 3D ultrasound navigation system overcoming these challenges. Unlike traditional methods, this sensor delivers reliable imaging even in adverse weather conditions. My presentation will delve into the technical aspects of our sensor and its applications, showcasing its potential to revolutionize automated mobility. Testing and validation results will underscore the accuracy and reliability of our sensor platform.

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Mihai Caleap
Founder & CEO,


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