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The Advantages of Implementing Smart Parking Systems

Event: AutoSens USA
| Session Date: Wednesday 22nd May
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Hear from:

Product Manager,

Hyundai Mobis

While there is development in in-car smart parking technology , most smart parking systems rely on infrastructure rather than features build into the vehicle.  

Smart parking systems use a network of sensors and cameras to detect available spaces and to guide the driver using digital signs or smartphone apps. This in turn reduces the time drivers spend searching for parking. As cars become more autonomous, parking technologies needs to evolve too. There are two main types of parking systems:  

Part Assist systems – where drivers still have control of the vehicle but sensors help with tasks such as maneuvering into tight spaces. And Automated Parking – which is hands-free and the vehicle parks itself. It is essential for us, as industry makers to innovate solutions that move with time and increases safety while also considering the environment.

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