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FOCUS: Addressing 5 key challenges for autonomous vehicle simulation  

Event: AutoSens FOCUS
| Published: June 2021
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Hear from:

Mark Yerdon
Mechanical and Systems Engineer,


Mike Phillips
Software Engineer,


Tony Gioutsos
Director Portfolio Development Autonomous Americas,


Honghao Tan
Principle engineer,

Changan US R&D Center

Alexander Braun
Professor of Physics,

University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf

It is widely accepted that simulation is a necessity to achieve the safe validation of high level ADAS and autonomous vehicle technologies. Current simulation capabilities are worlds apart from just a few short years ago. But what are the remaining challenges? How might they be resolved? 

Watch this session to understand…

  • A digital twin is required for the vehicle, the virtual world and the ego vehicle including all (relevant) components, but how detailed does this need to be?  
  • How correlated to reality does sensor simulation need to be? 
  • Can we run massive simulations on the cloud to gain insight into performance? 
  • Is it possible to “turn on a switch” and let an optimization program determine the best design? 
  • Can we find critical scenarios (edge cases) without driving millions of miles? 

We brought together an expert line-up of speakers and panellists to address these challenges.

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