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FOCUS: Is a single sensor enough for present and future in-cabin use-cases?

Event: AutoSens FOCUS
| Published: March 2022
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Hear from:

Nick DiFiore
SVP & GM Automotive,

Seeing Machines

Detlef Wilke
Vice President of Automotive,

Erez Steinberg


Adrian Capata
Senior Vice President Autosense,


In-cabin technologies are a hot focus for automotive development and, in a previous FOCUS sessions, we have explored the trends relating to what is driving this technology development as well as the most challenging use cases. In this session we will look specifically at sensor technology to determine how many and what kind of sensors are optimal for DMS and OMS applications. 

Bringing together the ‘big 4’ players in in-cabin sensing systems, we will explore different sensor modalities, and system level approaches. Can one sensor tick all the boxes? Why might more sensors be needed. There are different approaches both in the market and in development, and this month’s FOCUS session will see senior technical experts debate the pros and cons in our exclusive panel discussion. 

The discussion will aim to answer the questions: 

  • Which sensors are most effective for in-cabin applications? 
  • What are the positioning and mounting challenges for one vs many sensors? 
  • How can we leverage powerful sensors and image processing to get maximum ‘bang for buck’? 
  • What’s the optimum approach for energy and latency efficiency? 
  • What factors influence customer choice of system adoption? 
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