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FOCUS Session: 5 trends that will define the automotive cabin, as a third space

Event: AutoSens FOCUS
| Published: November 2022
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Hear from:

Futurist and Research and Design Consultant,

Design Ultros

President & Chief Catalyst,

The PLUM Catalyst

Principal Innovation and Technology manager,


Adrian Capata
Senior Vice President Autosense,


Following the impact and feedback from our inaugural InCabin event, this FOCUS session will explore the evolution of the car cabin into a third space. This third space in people’s lives comes after their home and office and it is thought that it could become central to working on the move, providing entertainment, assessing health and well-being, and even delivering shopping experiences.

Our visionary panel will explore the question of how tomorrow’s car could be redefined and where we can look to find this inspiration, and how the car could become more and more intelligent to understand users’ intentions, in addition to having expanded personalisation capabilities.
The panel will explore how we might exist in the digital world in the future and, how the modern car could become a further extension of its owner and its owner’s personality, tastes, and preferences.

Questions our panellists will be exploring:

  • What trends are you keeping abreast of in today’s changing world?
  • How can the automotive world keep pace with these changing consumer trends and expectations?
  • What could the future car in the future digital world look like?
  • How do we define the third space?
  • How does automotive technology need to develop to realise these visions?

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