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FOCUS: What are the present-day challenges for in-cabin technologies?

Event: AutoSens FOCUS
| Published: June 2022
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Hear from:

Rob Stead


Managing Director,

Sense Media Group

Jaeyoung Ko
Software Engineer,

Hyundai Mobis

Jeffrey Morin
2D and 3D Sensors for In-Cabin,


Ionut Dinulescu
Sr. Director of Automotive Software Engineering,


Philippe Dreuw
Chief Product Manager Interior Monitoring,


In-cabin technologies are a hot focus for automotive development and, lots of innovation is happening right now to get systems into cars at the most viable cost possible.

Some may have believed DMS is obsolete on the road to “self-driving”, yet the realisation is now that imaging and sensing technology have a significant role to play.

There is a plethora of innovations in the pipeline for exciting new applications, but this session brings the FOCUS back to present-day deployment, our invited experts will explore the system design, optimisation and integration challenges for current in-cabin technologies.

The discussion will aim to cover:

  • Image sensor resolution
  • Optimal camera placement
  • Challenges of working with 940nm IR light
  • Hardware agnostic v. hardware accelerated design
  • Safety v. convenience features
  • Optimising the in-cabin “immersive experience”
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