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FOCUS: The 5 Lasting Impacts of the Semiconductor Crisis

Event: AutoSens FOCUS
| Published: February 2021
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Hear from:

Bolaji Ojo
Managing Editor & Publisher,

The Ojo Yoshida Report

Ashruf El-Dinary
Senior Vice President of Engineering, Digital Platforms,


Juergen Hoellisch

Hoellisch Consulting GmbH

Patrick Denny
Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence,

University of Limerick

During the last 12 months the automotive supply chain faced significant disruption due to a shortage of microchips. The resulting squeeze on production, resources, and logistics have been felt deeply by all involved.

Now in 2022 more disruption and unpredictability is expected. The causes are well understood, but what will the short-term and long lasting impacts be?

As OEM and Tier 1 companies look to totally reorganise their supplier network and reduce dependencies on what has turned out to be a fragile logistics network. Regional bodies launch initiatives to enhance local production capabilities. These are some of the headlines, but what does all of this really mean at a product development level?

In this FOCUS session, our expert panel will respond to the latest developments this year, plus take a deep dive into what the long-term changes are manifesting for staff involved in production engineering, feature development and system design.

The discussion will aim to answer the questions:

  • What are the most important headlines we’ve seen to date about how industry is adapting for the future?
  • What will the supply chain look like in a more regionally independent future?
  • How long will this take?
  • What will be the short-term impacts for OEM and Tier 1 engineers?
  • What problems have not yet been solved regarding this transition?

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