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Radar and Camera fusion for Complete Automotive In-Cabin Compliance under E-NCAP, USA Hot Cars Bill and FMVSS 208

Event: AutoSens Brussels
| Published: September 2020
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In-cabin sensing in automotive has become a mandate under ENCAP ’25 roadmap, USA Hot Cars Bill, and FMVSS 208. In particular, In-cabin sensing features like child presence detection, position occupancy, adult vs child classification, seat belt reminder and airbag suppression system are mandate to achieve compliance under these regulations. However, neither only a camera-based system nor only a radar-based system could achieve these features completely. For example, an FMCW based radar system could detect child through thin coverings like blanket whereas the same would not be possible with a camera-based system. On the other hand, a camera-based system could detect the seat belt status whereas the same would not be possible with a radar-based system. PathPartner’s In-cabin solution addresses all the three regulations by efficiently fusing the complementary abilities of a radar system and a camera system. The proposed Camera-Radar fusion solution, apart from achieving high accuracy and reliability for all the three regulations, supports additional In-Cabin features like driver identification, and driver drowsiness and distraction detection. In this talk, we will explain the individual capabilities of radar and camera systems, and explain how they are combined efficiently in our proposed solution to achieve complete compliance under E-NCAP, USA Hot Cars Bill and FMVSS 208 regulations.
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