Dr. Damien Schroeder

Project Manager Camera Systems

BMW Group

Damien Schroeder studied electrical engineering and information technology both at Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, and Supélec, France. He received the Dr.-Ing. degree from TUM at the Chair of Media Technology, the topic of his doctoral thesis being multi-rate video encoding with HEVC. Since 2017, he is a project manager for camera systems with the BMW Group, leading projects in research, pre-development, as well as series development.

Raj Vazirani

Director of Radar
Camera and Global Electronics Engineering ADAS and AD
ZF Group

Raj obtained his Bachelor in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University, before he started his professional career in the Telecom industry in 2003 until 2012. Since 2012 Raj worked for Continental AG, Germany, where he held various Leadership positions with increasing responsibility, last one being Director of Camera Products and Computer Vision. Raj is currently working at ZF as Director of Radar, Camera Products and Global Electronics Engineering.

Dima Sosnovsky

System Architect

For more than 13 years Dima has been engaged in developing complex systems, that deliver not only the proper technological solution but adding measurable value to the customer.
He joined Innoviz Technologies about a year after it was founded, as the second System Engineer in the company, and over the years reached the position of System Engineering Group Manager.
Currently, Dima is working in Huawei Israel as Principal Automotive Sensors System Architect, to define Next Gen LiDARs design.

Dr. Dongjae Shin

Principal researcher
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Dr. Dongjae Shin is a principal researcher at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, and is currently working on silicon photonics to leverage the silicon infrastructure of Samsung for emerging applications. Since 2002, he has been with Samsung for silicon photonics and optical communication R&D. Prior to Samsung, he was with Bell Labs, NJ for optical crossconnect R&D. He has two decades of industrial R&D experiences with 1 book, 75+ papers, and 125+ patents on silicon photonics, WDM-PON, VLC, and near-field optics.

Cristina Dragan

Thermal Analyst Expert Continental

Cristina’s experience is in thermal management of different electronic control unit cooling solutions for different environment conditions. She has several patents and published articles related thermal studies she was involved so far. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mechanical Faculty at the University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania and currently she is enrolled for PhD in Thermal Optimization for Electronic Control Units in Automotive Industry.

Christophe Lavergne

Expert “Image sensor and processing”

Christophe Lavergne joined RENAULT in 1991, where he worked on driver’ drowsiness detection.
In 1999, he joined upstream ADAS department of RENAULT to develop a laboratory of “image sensor and processing” dedicated to the specification, the characterization and the validation of the “Environment Perception Function” of camera sensor and camera system for machine vision application.
Since 2019, he has also been participating in the P2020 Standard Committee.

Frank Schweickhardt

Head of Test Field NVH

Frank Schweickhardt is head of Sound & Isolation, Thermodynamics and Air Routing at Mercedes Benz Cars Research and Development.
In addition to his functional responsibilities, the vision of a full digital E2E process from product design to customer experience drives him. His work covers a wide range of experiences in automotive development. It includes chassis development and electrification of steering systems to enable automated steering of the Mercedes-Benz fleet, as well as the lead of the Mercedes-Benz test center for acoustics & vibrations, aero- and thermodynamics. 

Jessica Gasper

Acoustic Engineer

Mercedes-Benz AG

Jessica became a master of audiology and hearing aid technology in 2013. She has done research for jet engine acoustics with the German Aerospace center and worked with the German Navy on new concepts for marine acoustics.

She worked at Apple with a focus on user studies and spatial audio before joining Mercedes-Benz in 2016. Her work covers a wide range of acoustic approaches, from beamforming with multichannel microphone arrays to mic and speaker development, human perception and audio AI. 

Yuichi Motohashi

Automotive Image Sensor Applications Engineer Sony

Yuichi Motohashi received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical engineering from the Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan, in 2006 and 2008, respectively. He joined Sony corporation, Tokyo, Japan, in 2008, where he worked for development and industrialization of CMOS image sensors, especially automotive applications. He is now responsible for the technical marketing at Automotive Semiconductor which as part of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Europe.

Boyd Fowler

OmniVision Technologies 

Dr. Boyd Fowler joined OmniVision in December 2015 as the Vice President of Marketing and was appointed Chief Technology Officer in July 2017. Prior to joining OmniVision, he was co-founder and VP of Engineering at Pixel Devices, where he focused on developing high-performance CMOS image sensors.  In 2005, Dr. Fowler joined Fairchild Imaging as the CTO and VP of Technology, where he developed SCMOS image sensors for high-performance scientific applications.  He has authored numerous technical papers, book chapters, and patents. 

Sergey Velichko

Sr. Manager, ASD Technology and Product Strategy

ON Semiconductor

Sergey Velichko worked in various teaching and R&D positions at the KPI, Micron Technology, HP, and, starting in 2007, at the ON Semiconductor (former Micron Imaging and Aptina). He authored and co-authored more than 50 publications and 45 issued and pending patents. His interests include intelligent sensor technology and product strategic development, novel imaging pixel architectures, pixel modeling, and innovations in automotive imaging sensor designs. He is a Senior IEEE Member.

Dr. Jun Pei


Dr. Jun Pei, CEO & co-founder of Cepton, is a serial entrepreneur and technologist in optics and electronics. He developed the first optical and acoustical combination technique in semiconductor thin film measurement and holds numerous patents in metrology. Before Cepton, he founded AEP Technology to develop advanced 3D instruments and pioneered parallel computing in interference microscopy. Previously, he worked as a senior scientist at KLA-Tencor and led the engineering team at Velodyne.

Rudy Burger

Managing Partner Woodside Capital Partners

For over 25 years, Rudy Burger has worked with computer vision, digital imaging and embedded camera technologies as a founder, operating executive and advisor. He has developed both a deep technical expertise and an awareness of market opportunity dynamics in these sectors that he leverages to guide his clients towards strategic successes. He currently focuses on the ADAS sector and has written several industry research reports to profile the leading and emerging technologies and outline the market landscape. Rudy is the Managing Partner of Woodside Capital Partners and works with growth stage technology companies to execute local and cross-border M&A transactions and private placements. 

Dengxin Dai

Group Leader, Vision for Autonomous Systems Group
MPI for Informatics

Dengxin Dai is a Senior Researcher at MPI for Informatics and head of the “Vision for Autonomous System” Group. He is also a Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich and leads the research group TRACE-Zurich working on Autonomous Driving. He and his team focus on developing robust perception algorithms under all weather and lighting conditions. His work on semantic scene understanding under fog and at nighttime has gained quite some traction. He is also the editor for the IJCV special issue “Vision for All Seasons”, and the Area Chair of multiple major computer vision conferences.

Ziv Livne


Ziv Livne is the CBO at TriEye, where he is part of the founding team that achieved a mass-scale technological breakthrough in record time, creating a giant leap in automotive safety. He has vast experience in R&D, product, and business development. Ziv was also an Investment Director at Grove Ventures, where he managed several investments in cutting edge technologies. Ziv holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and an MBA from TAU.

Igor Susmelj

CTO & Co-Founder


Igor co-founded Lightly – an ETH Spin-Off based in Zurich that is working on a novel data curation platform. Before, he worked for two years in the innovation lab of a financial institution as a software engineer. Igor holds a degree in electrical engineering from ETH Zurich. During his studies, he developed a lot of experience in machine learning and robotics and had multiple successful publications in the area of deep learning.

Petronel Bigoi


Petronel has more than 250 granted and published U.S. and international patents to date. Is an IEEE fellow with over 20 years of experience in the digital still camera and mobile phone industries, working in both signal processing and connectivity. A co-founder of several successful companies (including FotoNation), he is also a pioneer of digital camera connectivity, a co-author, and actively involved in the picture transfer protocol (PTP) and PTP-over-IP networks communication standards.

Shashank Dabral

Sr Systems Engineer
Texas Instruments

Shashank is a recognized industry leader with 18+ years of experience leading projects in imaging/CV related technologies focusing on HW/SW algorithms and IP design. In his current role he is leading the system architecture effort for the DLP Automotive Exterior lighting group within TI and is responsible for the road-map definition and innovation. Shashank has over 30 patents/patent applications, and is on the advisory board of the of the AutoSens conference

Udit Budhia

Director of Marketing

Prior to joining Ambarella, Udit Budhia worked with Nokia, Mobilygen, Maxim and GEO Semiconductor, holding a variety of management positions involving application engineering and product support. With nearly twenty years of experience in image/video processing and compression, Udit is currently focused on account management, customer support, new partnerships, and product roadmap development in automotive and consumer markets.

Andrew Richards


Codeplay Software

CEO and Co-founder of Codeplay, a pioneer in GPU acceleration. Andrew researched and developed early GPU compiler technology, and founded Codeplay in 2002. As well as being CEO and Co-founder of Codeplay Software Ltd, Andrew is also the Chair of the Software working group of the HSA Foundation and former Chair of the SYCL™ for OpenCL™ sub-group of the Khronos Group. Today, Codeplay is a world-leading specialist in heterogeneous computing technology, now working on artificial intelligence and safety for self-driving cars.

Hoang-Phi Nguyen

Product Owner


Hoang-Phi Nguyen has been working in the imaging field since 2003.
He worked at DxO Labs on projects such as Analyzer (image quality measurement solutions), lens/ISP codesign and the DxO One camera.In 2018 he joined DXOMARK consulting team as expert on image quality analysis and camera systems.
He now holds the position of Product Owner in the Analyzer team.

Oliver Hupfeld


Oliver is founder and CEO of Inno-Tec innovative technology GmbH; a boutique software manufacturer for complex software projects in the area of enterprise software, software development for automotive (in car) systems and consulting all around the software development processes. The Inno-Tec GmbH is also tier1b for premium German Automotive OEMs.
Since 20+ years he is taking care about good software architecture and the delivery of small, medium and large software projects in time and budget. Oliver is also co-founder and member of the management board of Inno-Xperts GmbH.

Matan Nurick

Director of Product Management

Matan comes to Arbe with extensive experience developing radars and EW systems. Prior to Arbe, Matan led Radar development projects at Elbit Systems and in the Israeli Air Force. Matan holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, a B.A. in Physics and a M.E in System Engineering from the Israeli Institute of Technology.

Valentina Donzella

Associate Professor University of Warwick

Dr Valentina Donzella is an inspiring and award-winning expert in automotive sensors. As well as leading the ADAS & HAV Sensor subgroup in AESIN, Dr. Donzella is the director of WMG’s MSc and Degree Apprenticeship in Smart Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. She has 12 years of academic and industrial experience, with over 50 papers published to date. Dr Donzella experience has resulted in receiving a Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowship on camera sensors (2020-22).

Armin Engstle

Main Department Manager Dynamic Ground Truth System

AVL Software & Functions

After starting his career at BMW, Armin joined AVL Software & Functions in 2011 being responsible for Vehicle and Hybrid Controls Software. From 2015 to 2018, he led the ADAS / AD Controls and Software Department at AVL before joining Zenuity from 2018 to 2020. Since June 2020, Armin is back at AVL, taking over the Product Management for DGT Perception Software and managing the newly founded AVL Sensor Lab at Roding/Bavaria.

Firat Sarialtun

Segment Manager
ams Osram

Firat Sarialtun has been working in the automotive semiconductor and sensor industry since 10 years, and has global experience with automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. Since 2020 he has been responsible for building the In-Cabin Sensing segment for IR Illuminators at ams-OSRAM which includes LED and VCSEL based solutions. He holds a MSc. degree from TU Munich.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun

Professor of Physics
University of Applied Sciences, Duesseldorf

Alex has over 20 years of experience with optical technologies. During his position as optical designer at Kostal (Tier 1) he was responsible for the optical quality of the camera ADAS, designing MTF test benches for all purposes. As a Professor for Physics at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf he is now looking at all the questions surrounding optical quality from a scientific point of view, and will share his enthusiasm for optics and cameras with you.

Benjamin May


Tom Jellicoe


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