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How to get the best from an RGB-Ir sensor: the future of In Cabin applications

Event: AutoSens Brussels
| Published: September 2021
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Hear from:

Pier Paolo Porta
Marketing Director,


RGBIr sensors are getting more and more popular as the possibility of generating both RGB and IR content from a single sensor is a key enabler for those applications.
Being able to effectively handle RGBIr data is crucial: image quality for the RGB domain is one of the most important KPI while a full resolution IR image is the key to support the computer vision analysis of the scene.
In this presentation an effective architecture to manage RGBIr content will be presented. The challenges of bright light scenarios for color rendering as well as low light scenes will be addressed and multiple modes of RGB and IR content reconstruction will be described. A set of videos showing the two reconstructed
streams will be also presented to give the audience an overview of the possible use cases.

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