Arbe Robotics going for gold

Arbe Robotics named as finalists for the “Most Exciting Start-Up” category at the AutoSens Awards 2018. They are in the running to lift the trophy along with Hailo Tech, Metamoto, May Mobility, AEye and Ouster. A big idea, a dynamic proposition, a brave business model or a firebrand leader – the Most Exciting Start-up award recognises the panel’s view of the most complete package, the genuine intent to create a business, change the world and be known as a force for change in a single small company of motivated, passionate people.

Last year’s inaugural AutoSens Awards was a tremendous success, with winners including start-ups, individuals and electronics and automotive giants, representing a thriving industrial ecosystem doing some of the most exciting technology development the world has ever seen.

“As Arbe Robotics continues making autonomous driving a reality, we are thrilled to be announced as a finalist for the “Most Exciting Start-Up” AutoSens Award.” comments Shlomit Hocohen, VP Marketing at Arbe Robotics. She continues, “having this exciting opportunity to be recognized by AutoSens and the ability to sit alongside some of these other fascinating companies is truly an honour. We are committed to being the first cost-effective, long range, high resolution solution for autonomous driving and believe Arbe Robotics is making moves that are disrupting this industry. Our staff has extensive knowledge, dedication and passion for developing this technology all the way through.”

Arbe Robotics is the world’s first company to demonstrate ultra-high resolution in automotive radar. Their 4D imaging radar ideal for the automotive industry, it provides a highly detailed image of the environment in a wide field of view. This means it can detect obstacles on the side of the road. It can also detect smaller targets, such as a person or a bike, even if they are masked by a larger object, such as a tree or truck. The imaging radar can determine whether they are moving, in which direction, and provide the vehicle with real-time situational data.

Robert Stead, Awards Director for the AutoSens Awards commented on why Arbe was selected as a finalist, “They stood out within the long list of nominations in their category of Most Exciting Start-Up. Arbe’s innovatibe 4D high resolution radar system is an exciting development in the radar field, their recent funding round and opening of the Beijing office are very positive steps and I’m sure Arbe Robotics has a bright future ahead.”

“Winning an AutoSens Award would give our organization a highly respected platform that recognizes and showcases the incredible progress Arbe has made.” said Hocohen. She continued, “Autonomous driving is no longer a vision, but a reality. As we shift the entire industry upside down, this award would provide validation to our ground-breaking technology. We are a team of technologists, radar specialist and scientists, committed to making autonomous driving a part of everyone’s daily lives. We’re passionate about making autonomous driving safe, affordable and available. At Arbe Robotics, we developed a revolutionary solution for level 4 & 5 autonomous driving. Based on our proprietary imaging radar, our system is the first ever to provide real-time 4D mapping in high resolution, thus making any vehicle fully-autonomous.”

Good luck to Arbe Robotics and congratulations again on being selected as finalists. Join the celebrations at the AutoSens Awards and see who will be crowned the winner of the “Most Exciting Start-Up” category on 19 September at the Atomium, Brussels. Book tickets here >>