AutoSens in Brussels

The world’s foremost COVID-safe meeting of automotive engineers working to improve automotive imaging and vehicle perception for production vehicles.

It was good to reconnect with the ADAS and autonomous vehicle industry

We got back together safely and shaped the future of ADAS and AV.

AutoSens in Brussels was back in September! We thoroughly enjoyed bringing you the freshest agenda of expert panels, technical case studies, and an exhibition full of demos from technology companies at the forefront of sensors and computer vision to explore.

Save the date: 12-14 September 2022

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Gain access to over 30 technical sessions from our latest AutoSens Brussels edition, available to watch for nine months. 

  • Why attend?
  • Agenda highlights
  • Reconnect and reunite face-to-face with leading engineers and technical experts from across the ADAS and autonomous vehicle supply chain

  • Uncover the big issues facing automotive electronics and vehicle perception today, and how this impacts you right now

  • Explore our COVID-safe exhibition showcasing the latest innovations in sensors and computer vision hardware and software

  • Hear the latest trends and market direction straight from OEM and Tier 1 experts at the heart of ADAS development

  • Meet your technical peers, build new and strengthen existing relationships in the ADAS and AV sectors

  • Gain knowledge and inspiration from the AutoSens community that will help you improve in your job, your career, and your future role in the industry

  • Understand the limitations of current components, software and systems, and how to mitigate for this

  • Learn how to design and build better ADAS and AV systems to meet tomorrow’s performance requirements

  • Develop as a better engineer by broadening your knowledge of the full range of technologies used in ADAS and AVs

  • Be at the heart of the important technical discussions that will shape the future

Agenda highlights: 

  • 40+ speakers, including representatives of Daimler, Renault, ZF, Continental, BMW, Sony, OmniVision and more 
  • 5 insightful keynote addresses 
  • 9 interactive panel discussions 
  • 25+ technical case studies 
  • 3 plenary sessions with leading engineers and industry commentators 
  • 8 core themes across 2 specialist tracks 

Topics covered include: 

  • Discover new methods for testing and evaluation of sensors and how to create robust sensor systems. 
  • Discuss the future of in-cabin applications for sensors. 
  • Hear perspectives on assessing ADAS system performance and mitigating the impacts of sensor degradation. 
  • Learn about innovative applications of LiDAR and the technical requirements for validation and performance assessment. 
  • Hear from experts in AI for Autonomous Driving, with respect to dynamic ground truth, self-supervised learning and validating the performance of machine-learning algorithms. 
  • Understand the tools and frameworks needed to solve the problems impeding growth in advanced sensor deployment and data processing. 

Expert Speakers

AutoSens speakers represent the leading minds in the field of vehicle perception, giving technical insight and sharing their expertise. All invited specifically because of their ability to shape the future of ADAS and AV technology.

Who Attends?

Engineers involved in automotive sensing technology and signal processing from OEMs, Tier 1s and technology providers come together to build relationships in an informal and collaborative environment.

Technology Exhibition

AutoSens is the ideal event to meet the leading innovators within the automotive industry and to find out how their latest advances could provide solutions you need. Get inspired to solve your current business challenges!

Once again we hosted a Press Briefing at Brussels, where we heard from companies at the cutting edge of innovation in ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

Attendees heard exclusive announcements from  8 of our event partners, received a digital press pack, refreshments and had the opportunity to spend 1-2-1 time with the presenters from our partner companies.

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