AutoSens USA 2024 Demos & Exhibition: Where Innovation Meets Action

Our upcoming AutoSens USA 2024 event in May promises to be a hands-on experience showcasing technical demonstrations, vehicle demonstrations, and buck demos from leading innovators.

Unlike other conferences, we combine high quality technical content with an extensive exhibition floor, providing high value for attendees. Delegates return year after year, using the exhibition as a meeting hub to speak to as many fellow engineers from as many different companies as possible, over 3 days. The Exhibitors use their exhibition space for technology demonstrations to engineers who shape the path of future technology. Discussions focus on technology developments rather than sales pitches. 

With our technical audience, and OEM and Tier 1s engineers attending for free, this makes for a very productive use of time, and the opportunity to evaluate the latest technology first hand. “In 2024, we have more demos than ever before, several of them previously only shown privately to press at CES, it’s going to add a real buzz to the exhibition floor”, says Robert Stead, Managing Director of Sense Media, the Founder of AutoSens and InCabin. 

Join us this May to explore demos from top innovators such as Valeo, ADASKY/Gentex, VSI Labs, OMNIVISION, Valeo, Autoware Foundation and Samsung.  See the exhibition floorplan

Valeo x Teledyne FLIR Thermal camera:
Valeo has combined their expertise with Teledyne FLIR, the world leader in thermal cameras, to create the world’s smallest and most sensitive safety rated Night Vision camera. The thermal camera is a key enabler to extend the detection of vulnerable road users, animals, vehicles and road edges in all driving conditions. Fusion of the long wave infrared sensed detail with the visible light domain improves visualization for the driver and, coupled with other sensors such as LiDAR or Radar, provides enhanced feature detection capability in challenging scenarios and higher speeds. 

valeo demoCLUSA24 1

CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree Valeo SCALA™ 3 LiDAR:
Valeo SCALA™ 3, Valeo’s 3rd generation LiDAR offers unmatched performance thanks to Valeo’s innovation on hardware and perception software functions. Valeo SCALA™ 3 offers advanced perception in all conditions, meeting the highest automotive industry quality and safety standards. 

Valeo demoCLUSA24 2

Valeo Panorama XR:  
Valeo provides a solution that enables drivers to have others remotely join them via their smartphone screen to enjoy a 360° view of the car driving environment as if it were filmed by a drone.  

Valeo demoCLUSA24 3

The Cocoon:  
Valeo offers the market’s most complete portfolio of sensors (ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars and LiDARs), complete with AI-based software, central compute units and zone controllers to host them.

Valeo demoCLUSA24 4

Why Should One Experience a Demo Ride?

Imagine cruising down a winding road on a rainy day, where visibility is low, and the roads shimmer with moisture. Suddenly, a pedestrian appears in the near distance, causing your heart to race. However, before you can even react, your car’s advanced safety system kicks into action, alerting you to the potential hazard with remarkable precision. This is the power of the PAEB over the current AEB—the enhanced ability to detect and react to pedestrians in harsh visibility conditions like harsh weather, glare, or darkness. This is what Adasky’s cutting-edge thermal camera offers for automotive safety systems. 

During the demo, you’ll witness the thermal camera’s exceptional capabilities in real-time. As we explore various driving scenarios, you’ll see how the camera creates the most impressive thermal image you’ve ever seen. The detection software, using this video stream, identifies all road users and classifies them separately: pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and vehicles by size. It even calculates TTC (Time to Collision) and signals the need to brake!   

But it’s not just about witnessing the technology; it’s about feeling the difference it makes. Sitting in our demo vehicle, you’ll experience a newfound sense of confidence and security, knowing that your vehicle is equipped with a system that can literally save lives. The demo ride will allow you to truly appreciate the value of this cutting-edge safety feature, making it an essential experience for anyone interested in automotive safety and cutting-edge technology. 

Check back soon for more details on demos from VSI Labs, OMNIVISION, Autoware Foundation and Samsung some of the world’s leading companies in the sector.


Don’t forget, all AutoSens attendees can access the InCabin USA 2024 Exhibition for free, where you’ll also see demos from…

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Fraunhofer IOSB
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