Interview with finalist for “Most Engaging Content” AutoSens Award – Carl Anthony, Managing Editor at, Automoblog

In a series of articles, we will be conducting short interviews with the shortlisted finalists for the inaugural AutoSens Awards 2017. We recently caught up with Carl Anthony, Managing Editor at Automoblog who has been nominated for the “Most Engaging Content” Award.

Many car magazines are dismissive of the changes coming, but Automoblog embraces them – why?

It’s impossible to deny the advancing trends in automated driving, and as an automotive publication, we are very interested in helping tell what has become a fascinating story. Our Future of Transportation section is dedicated strictly to this topic, where we give readers the opportunity to meet and learn about the people and companies working in this space.

I believe Automoblog has a journalistic responsibility to accurately cover autonomous driving. We have an obligation to educate our readers – the same readers who may one day buy a driverless car – on the aspects on automated driving. We want to be a resource for them as they are analyzing the implications of what a driverless car will mean for them. That is not to say we agree with everything happening in the space, or that we think the transition from human to machine driving will be easy. We are simply saying we feel an obligation to educate consumers on what is happening within the realm of autonomous driving.

Congratulations, you’ve been shortlisted for an AutoSens Award, how does it feel?

I still don’t have words to describe fully it and I am very humbled. The others who were nominated along with me are some of the brightest in the industry. It’s an honor to be standing among such distinguished and respected professionals.

As it happens, you’re also presenting at AutoSens and doing some work for AutoSens TV this year, what are you most looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to working with AutoSens TV and doing what I can there to make the event successful. When the AutoSens officials asked if I wanted to take part in AutoSens TV, I was literally stunned. I am really looking forward to meeting and interviewing the attendees, speakers, sponsors, and vendors that make AutoSens a world class event.

Any thoughts on your chances against your fellow finalists?

For me it’s not about winning, but more about simply being recognized. For the Automoblog team, it’s about their dedication to putting out quality content, and that dedication being recognized on a world stage alongside other highly respected individuals.

As a journalist working in the automotive industry, which companies most excite you?

Meeting unique people and innovate companies is the best part of my job. I really have to cite Brembo North America as one company that continues to excite me. In the spring on 2016, I was able to see their manufacturing operations here in Michigan and spent an afternoon with the company’s North American Chief Executive Officer, Dan Sandberg. I learned some valuable lessons from him, including the Brembo philosophies of innovation and commitment. In leading our Automoblog team, I have modeled some of Sandberg’s approaches and found we are more successful as a result.

Another company that excites me is Dataspeed, who I met at AutoSens Detroit. I really admire how Chief Executive Officer Paul Fleck inspires his team in the development of their products, such as the ADAS Kit. His cousin Mary was taken tragically in an accident that could have been prevented had vehicle perception technology existed at the time. He knows the pain of loss. You can see that determination in Fleck with Dataspeed; he wants to save lives and prevent a family from losing a loved one. That’s the most commendable approach any one of us can take; if we are not here to try and save lives first and foremost, then a strong reality check and thorough self-examination is necessary to reconnect us to the real reason we should be here: to prevent a family from losing a loved one in an auto accident.

How could the AutoSens Awards be beneficial to Automoblog?

AutoSens Detroit was beneficial to Automoblog because of all the interesting companies and intelligent people we met. We learned about the challenges facing automated driving, but more importantly, talked with the people who were working on the solutions. We have every reason to believe AutoSens Brussels and the AutoSens Awards will present us with the same opportunities and experiences.

Join us in wishing Carl Anthony all the best for being a finalist at the AutoSens Awards. View the full shortlist

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