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Precision Imaging: Automotive Image Quality in Challenging and Complex Conditions

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27th March 2024  |  3:30pm GMT

In this FOCUS session, our invited experts from Immervision, Owl AI, AVL, DXOMark and OMNIVISION will explore the cutting-edge technologies and next generation developments poised to revolutionize vehicle perception in challenging conditions. 

Discussion points include: 

  • Enhancing image quality in adverse weather conditions.  
  • Intelligent systems optimizing images through artificial intelligence.  
  • Achieving superior clarity and detail.  
  • Mechanics of specialized lenses dynamically adjusting to diverse environmental factors.  
  • Countering the impact of challenging weather elements on automotive visuals.  
  • Overcoming challenges related to low-light conditions.  
  • Leveraging photonic technologies for enhanced imaging.  
  • Understanding the Regulatory Landscape and Standardization. 

This free-to-attend session offers a unique perspective from industry leaders, insights to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving automotive imaging sector, and networking opportunities with a diverse audience.  

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Released on: March, 2024

Hear from:

Chuck Gershman

Chuck Gershman
Owl Autonomous Imaging

Patrice Roulet-Fontani

Patrice Roulet-Fontani
VP Technology


Eiichi Funatsu
VP Technology

Armin Engstle

Armin Engstle
Site Manager

Laurent Chanas

Laurent Chanas
Image Science Director

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