About Sense Media

Sense Media creates communities of the world’s foremost sensor experts, fuelling technology development and bridging the gap between science and business.

We connect and engage with specific technology verticals that enable machine perception using sensors and processing software and hardware. We support technologists at all stages of their career development through conferences, exhibitions, networking meetups, training workshops and awards. We strive to upskill the workforce by identifying learning opportunities, and we foster collaboration by creating a culture of openness, sharing and discussion.

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[fancyheading heading=”h3″ ]The Team Statistics[/fancyheading]

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[one_third][dropcap3]54[/dropcap3]years combined B2B experience[/one_third]

[one_third][dropcap3]356[/dropcap3]events delivered[/one_third]

[one_third_last][dropcap3]355[/dropcap3]media partnerships[/one_third_last]

[one_half][dropcap3]4,339[/dropcap3]marketing emails sent[/one_half]

[one_half_last][dropcap3]141,213[/dropcap3]delegates attended[/one_half_last]


By engineers, for engineers

Engineers make the world go around (metaphorically, for now at least!). As electronics are integrated more and more into our daily lives, the diversification of specialisms provides both opportunities and challenges. Constantly pushing the envelope in new applications such as autonomous vehicles, advanced diagnostic healthcare, remote sensing – engineers are enhancing our lives in more ways than ever before. A regular meeting of minds and sharing of best practice plays a vital role in steering the ship of innovation and is essential for those who want to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest developments.

Before devices can be connected, engineers first need to be connected

[highlight2]That’s what Sense Media provides – content determined by leading engineers, a specifically curated audience of technical peers and providers of innovative solutions. Set in an environment that inspires creativity and encourages conversation tour events function as both a learning and networking opportunity. From meetups for the uninitiated, bespoke training and hands-on testing events for students and new entrants, to globally renowned conferences for professional engineers, and supporting industry recruitment, we are constantly developing new ways to engage with the engineering community at all levels of professional development.[/highlight2]

Sense Media – best in class events for the engineering community

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Our core values

We believe these core values set us aside from any other events business and mean we can deliver the best possible event experience for our sensor markets.

[fancyheading heading=”h3″ ]Embracing the technology[/fancyheading]We believe that even as an events company, it is important to invest ourselves in the technology markets we serve. Production staff are selected because of their technical background, and receive regular training in aspects of semiconductor technology. Sense Media staff are not just events professionals, are hands-on within our industry sectors, active in committees, vocal in industry initiatives and truly a part of the market, not just an external conference organisation. That means we are best placed to make connections and run genuinely useful and productive events for our customers.


[fancyheading heading=”h3″]Respecting the scientific community[/fancyheading]The events market is a busy place today, and there are lots of companies who are very quick to launch new events in ‘hot’ markets. However, they are just as quick to leave when the forecasts perhaps aren’t so good. Sense Media respects the workforce of engineers driving sensor technology development worldwide who have devoted their careers to their field of study. We have stated our intention and will persist with our focus industries regardless of the outlook. By doing this, we hope to continuously deliver valuable meeting places, providing a platform for corporate and academic research, making new connections, and helping sensor technology flourish in the good times and bad. All conference programmes are peer reviewed by respected experts on an Advisory Board.


[fancyheading heading=”h3″]Focussing on connected technologies[/fancyheading]Core to Sense Media’s strategy is engagement with sensor and signal processing experts who will provide the technology to enable machines’ understanding of the world around us. There are strong foundations underlying the  markets we connect with, forming Sense Media’s core customer base. We will ensure we represent all of the stakeholders in the value chain, and develop an intimate knowledge and understanding of their business requirements, strategic direction, as well as information and material flows throughout the supply chain. We connect engineers so they can connect technologies.

[blockquote cite=”Robert Stead, Managing Director, Sense Media Events”]

“Sense Media is a personal mission for me. I believe it is possible to run a commercial conference business without selling out. I believe engineers are at the core of technology development, and while they are well served by technical and academic conferences, there is a need to connect the technical content and engineering audience with the business context. What real challenges facing engineers? What are the real technical needs of end users? Will this innovation work in the real world? By addressing these questions creating a memorable experience, and using the latest approaches to facilitate networking – all without creating financial barriers to entry – I believe in a new breed of events that serve as a genuine development tool for the technical staff driving technology forward.”


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