AutoSens Award Winners Crowned

In a sparkling virtual ceremony last week, we announced our four AutoSens Award winners! With a shortlist of impressive nominees, our expert panel of judges had a task to determine the Gold and Silver Award winners. With all of our nominees on screen to record their reactions, the Awards were presented by renowned performer Pete Wardell, along with just a sprinkling of magic. If you missed the Awards you can watch the whole ceremony On-Demand here.

2020 Award Winners

Young Engineer of the Year Award Gold Award: Felix Heide, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Algolux Silver Awards: Clementine Francois, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder, Phasya and Lucie Yahiaoui, Computer Vision Research Engineer, Valeo 2020 Vision Award Gold Award: The TriEye Team Silver Awards: The engineers behind MIPI’s Automotive SerDes Solutions (MASS) and Prof. Dr. Abhinav Valada Lifetime Achievement Award Gold Award: Norman Koren, Founder, Imatest Highly Commended: Albert Theuwissen, Founder, Harvest Imaging, Paul Kane, Algorithm Development Engineer, ON Semiconductor and Peter Burns, Managing Director, Burns Digital Imaging Product of the Year Award (voted on by the AutoSens Community) Gold Award: VISDOM by Bright Way Vision Silver Awards: OmniVision Technologies: OVM9284 CameraCubeChip and Seeing Machines: Guardian BdMS  

What our winners are saying…

“AutoSens has emerged as a leading forum to capture the heartbeat of automated driving for ADAS and fully autonomous vehicles, and I am thrilled to have won the Young Engineer of the Year Award. While this is an individual honor, I really wanted to congratulate the entire Algolux R&D team for their outstanding achievements these past few years. It is their work at the intersection of computational imaging and computer vision that is being recognized for the 4th time at AutoSens. We look forward to innovating even more in 2021!” Felix Heide, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Algolux “We are proud and excited to receive the prestigious “2020 Vision” AutoSens Award, honoring significant progress throughout the vehicle perception ecosystem. Winning this award is a valuable recognition of all the hard work and effort the TriEye team has put in developing our world-first CMOS-based SWIR sensing solution. We are committed to enhancing road visibility to reduce risks of car accidents in all weather and lighting conditions and we will continue to work toward that vision.” Avi Bakal, CEO & Co-Founder of TriEye “Thank you all for this unexpected honor, which I appreciate all the more because everyone on the short list is outstandingly qualified. My work in imaging is actually my second career, which I started it when I was sixty. It’s been a real honor to help the industry improve the quality of a wide variety of cameras and a pleasure to get to know some amazing people along the way.” Norman Koren, Founder, Imatest “Winning the AutoSens Product of the Year Award means a lot to our team. Beyond vision and sensing technology excellence, we care about bringing safety to road users and driving AV and ADAS clarity in darkness and all weather conditions.” Ofer David, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Bright Way Vision
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