Berveleen Mashonga to Drive Diversity and Innovation on The AutoSens Advisory Board

In a dynamic move to enrich the diversity and expertise of the AutoSens Advisory Board, we are thrilled to welcome Berveleen Mashonga, a seasoned Product Manager at Hyundai Mobis, the passionate Founder of Women in STEM Empowerment (WOISE), and a dear former AutoSens Speaker. Berveleen’s remarkable journey, commitment to mentorship, and industry recognition make her an invaluable addition to our esteemed panel. 

Her Journey: Navigating Success in STEM 

Berveleen’s automotive odyssey commenced at the age of 16 when she embarked on a BTEC in Engineering course in the UK. With a university degree and a Masters of Engineering under her belt, Berveleen ventured into the automotive realm in Germany, evolving from a Program Manager to her current role as a Product Manager at Hyundai Mobis. Her responsibilities include steering product planning and business strategy for the company’s smart parking projects, reflecting her dedication to pushing technological boundaries. 

Mentoring Women in STEM: A Mission for Equity 

Berveleen’s journey also sheds light on the hurdles faced by women in the automotive industry. Overcoming underestimation and exclusion, she emphasizes the power of resilience and determination. Her experiences fuel her commitment to mentoring women and girls in STEM, a cause she champions through WOISE. Berveleen believes in challenging expectations and creating an inclusive environment that propels the industry forward. 

Industry Trends and Future Mobility: Berveleen’s Insights 

As the automotive industry undergoes transformative changes, Berveleen emphasizes key trends. Electric Vehicles (EVs) gaining momentum aligns with the growing importance of sustainability. Shared mobility options and the integration of connectivity and AI further shape the future of mobility.  

1. How do you envision contributing to our mission of advancing automotive sensing technology and fostering innovation in the industry? 

“Thank you for inviting me to join the AutoSens Advisory board. I am truly honoured to be a part of this esteemed group! 

The advancements in automotive sensing technology are revolutionising the industry and I am incredibly passionate about this mission. My vision for contributing to the board involves leveraging my experience by providing strategic insights on the latest trends, to help identify opportunities for collaboration and innovation among AutoSens members.  

It is important to foster a knowledge sharing attitude, as I believe open communication helps to bridge the gap between different industry stakeholders. 

Finally, by working alongside the distinguished members of the board, we can significantly shape the future of automotive for a safer and more efficient transportation landscape.”  

2. You’re joining us again at AutoSens USA this year. What drew you to the conferences and AutoSens’ mission? 

“It is a fantastic opportunity to be back at AutoSens USA again this year! AutoSens provides an open environment for collaboration as it brings together a diverse range industry leaders and innovators. This exchange of ideas and perspectives invaluable for creativity and accelerating advancements in the industry. 

Secondly, the focus on the future deeply resonates with my current work. AutoSens provides a platform to explore innovations and their impact on the industry. I am excited to contribute and to learn from others who are shaping the industry today.”

Berveleen, recognized with the 2023 AutoTech Europe Tour de Force of the Year award, continues to be a beacon for diversity and innovation. 

AutoSens Advisory Board: Shaping the Future of AutoSens

The AutoSens Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in shaping the agenda for AutoSens, curating critical topics, identifying impactful companies, and spotlighting rising stars in technical domains. Board members contribute to the event’s success by reviewing abstract submissions, moderating discussions, and writing blogs to guide attendees through key themes. Their commitment ensures a high-quality, relevant technical agenda, setting AutoSens apart from the competition. 

In welcoming Berveleen Mashonga to the AutoSens Advisory Board, we reinforce our dedication to fostering diversity, innovation, and excellence in the automotive industry. Her insights and passion for empowering women in STEM align seamlessly with our mission to drive progress and inclusivity. As the industry continues to evolve, Berveleen and the Advisory Board stand at the forefront, steering AutoSens towards new horizons. 

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