Demos at AutoSens – More than just a conference

AutoSens is more than presentations and networking, we provide a fully interactive learning experience by hosting hands-on exhibits, giving you a chance to get to grips with the latest software and hardware, and even whole vehicles. 

In Brussels next week, we have three full vehicle demos, all giving you the opportunity to see perception technologies fully integrated into vehicles. 


“Acquisition Kits used internally at Marelli for ground truth data collection: the solution for safe operations” will be on display at AutoSens Brussels 2021, featured in their DS7 demo car.

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Demos at AutoSens in Detroit 2019

All Marelli ADAS/AD cars are equipped with a Marelli board embedding an MCU STM32 ARM® Cortex™-M3 named Marelli Power Module that carries out the power supply task. Health parameters such as voltage, current as well as working temperature are constantly monitored. No fuses are needed to protect the Kits thanks to this approach.

An internal CAN-BUS allows the communication between the Acquisition Kit elements and the Master Power Module that synchronies their power on procedure with the vehicle key on. 

All the information regarding the status of the elements is provided via CAN-BUS and with encrypted Bluetooth.  

A special purpose Marelli Power Module App allows on Android devices to check at every moment the health parameters of each elements, giving live and detailed feedback to vehicle occupants about the data acquisition system status. Furthermore, it allows to manually shutdown elements, reboot them or keep them alive even when the vehicle engine is off (i.e. for data upload during night time).     

Fully customizable firmware allows them to tailor the Marelli Power Module depending on the features required by each of the car’s fleet. 

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b-plus MAX technology carrier demonstrates the next generation data harvesting technology for ADAS and AD sensorics. It is fully equipped with Cameras and LiDARs and a complete raw data recording toolchain. 

At AutoSens, b-plus is showcasing how Tier 1s and OEMs can reduce and handle the vast amount of data coming from future sensor setups. The selective sensor raw data acquisition named Smart Recording enables to filter out relevant scenes during data acquisition for the best quality for training AI models and validation/verification of ADAS/AD ECUs. 

Experts will guide you through the AI driven in vehicle data selection from the first bit generated at the sensors through the data lake within the vehicle to an intelligent ingest process, where data is refined to minimize data amounts and to maximize data quality. Topics like data integrity checks, time synchronization, switching of data streams are explained in detail. 

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IVEX’s CARVEX demo vehicles will be located outside the AutoWorld venue, and run periodical data collection runs, with the potential to take passengers from the event. The car collects data following planned route (blue lines on map), illustrated below. 

ivex map

Car streams the collected driving to IVEX cloud; inside car the passengers can see sensors output (point clouds, cameras, etc). Guests will then be invited to go inside and visit the booth, where the data is analysed. 

The IVEX booth will be showcasing: 

  • Continous play of driving data 
  • Big screen demo explanation 

The demo has a short introduction and finishes by showing IVEX Safety Analytics software with data collected from the driving during AutoSens 2021, including: 1) Behaviour metrics 2) Perception metrics 3) Path planning metrics 4) Scenario classification metrics 5) Proprietary metrics from user. 

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This is the first time we’ve had 3 different vehicle-level demos going on at the Brussels event, so we are excited to see the technology in action, up close. If you’re not registered already, there’s still time to book your place and join us – remember you can only benefit from the demos and all the other event features in Brussels by being there in person, this event will not be live streamed. 

Hope to see you there! 

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