Infographic – The surprisingly long history of Driverless Vehicles

The lovely Daniel Dixon at Get Off Road, a UK-based Land Rover parts specialist, got in touch recently and asked if we’d be interested in publishing an infographic he and his team have been working on.  “Of course“, we said, “send it over!“… which they did… and here it is!  You can also download a printable PDF (helpfully split into A4 pages) which weighs in at 15MB.

The infographic show some highlights of the surprisingly long and potted history of driverless cars, from Alphabet’s Waymo (also known as Google Driverless Cars) back in time to 1939’s GM experimental ‘Futurama’ exhibit, with a healthy dose of DARPA’s Grand Challenge thrown in as well.

nb. We first published this infographic on 29th December 2016 at