Labsphere on the importance of camera calibration

We recently caught up with one of our AutoSens Detroit Exhibitors, Labsphere, to discuss the most exciting technology change in industry they expect to see in 2018, and what they are most looking forward to at AutoSens in 2018…

Why is camera calibration important?

Camera calibration is finding the internal quantities of the camera that affect the imaging process and then applying corrections where feasible. The camera calibrations are specific to the application and the key performance indicators for that application. Sometimes approximate values for the parameters are good enough, whereas for high accuracy, completing a camera calibration is very important. Not just for the image quality, but in some cases for safety and security.

What products and services does Labsphere provide to support this?

Application specific multispectral flat fielding light sources for testing dynamic range, quantum efficiency and spectral responsivity of CIS systems in R&D and production environments while responding to the evolving applications ADAS and mobile. Large area durable diffuse reflectance grey targets for testing LiDAR sensitivity

Do you have an important industry lesson you’d like everyone to learn – what should companies think about before they ask for your support?

Off the shelf test systems often fall short in addressing all desired camera test requirements. Hence, Labsphere’s approach is working with our customers to understand their challenges and goals, applying our technologies and partnership development processes to add value to application specific test solutions for CIS systems in production and the lab. Ask how we can help.

What’s the most exciting technology change in industry you expect to see in 2018?

LiDAR systems that register velocity as well as 3D mapping

Excluding your own, which technology or application are you most looking forward to learning about?

New developments in sensors technologies, LIDAR, spectral imaging, image quality and standardization

What else are you most looking forward to at AutoSens in 2018?

Meeting people in the industry

If you’d like to come and meet Labsphere on the AutoSens exhibition floor at the Michigan Science Center this Spring, book your tickets here >>