About Embedl

Embedl offers a diverse set of cutting-edge tools and expertise, empowering AI teams to craft incredibly efficient Deep Learning models. Embedl aims to revolutionize the world of embedded systems by commercializing its state-of-the-art Deep Learning Model Optimization SDK. With Up to 94% reduced energy consumption, 16x increased execution speed, and 8x memory model compression, the SDK enables users to develop market-leading solutions by designing energy-efficient deep learning models that meet real-time requirements in cost-efficient hardware. Through the innovative Model Optimization SDK, the process of generating superior models becomes streamlined and automated.

Embedl is committed to innovation and excellence, is deeply connected to academic research, and actively collaborates with prominent industry players. These valuable collaborations nurture a thriving innovation ecosystem, empowering Embedl to constantly push the limits of what’s achievable in embedded intelligence.

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