About M3 Defense Consulting

M3 Defense Consulting’s story began in 2016 when Misty, a highly sought-after military intelligence and acquisition professional with 21 years of service, announced her retirement. Misty received numerous offers to join defense companies, and she wanted to continue serving her country and contributing to the well-being of the men and women still in service. However, she was concerned about the lack of control over whom she would work with and the products/platforms she would endorse if she joined the defense industry.

Driven by her passion for the defense world, acquisitions, and program management, Misty made the decision to start her own company—a company that would allow her to give back and be selective in choosing her clients. She wanted to collaborate with organizations that shared her commitment to the Warfighter and bring the best capabilities to those still serving. To find a name that would resonate with people, Misty drew inspiration from her time with the Army Stryker Program, and her nickname “M3”, which derived from “Major Misty Martin”. This became the foundation of her company—M3 Defense Consulting aka M3DC. In 2018, Christina became co-owner of M3DC, bringing her diverse background in business development, research, and creative marketing/media production.

Motivated by her desire to continue serving and making a positive impact, Misty founded M3 Defense Consulting with a clear vision. The company’s mission is to provide expert consulting services in the defense sector, focusing on acquisitions, program management, and delivering top-notch capabilities to support the men and women serving our nation. By leveraging her extensive experience and expertise, Misty aims to open doors for deserving companies, helping them showcase their capabilities and contribute to the nation’s defense efforts.

M3 Defense Consulting has positioned itself as a trusted partner and consultant, prioritizing the needs of the Warfighter and ensuring that clients align with the company’s dedication to excellence and the betterment of national defense. Misty and Christina’s passion, selective approach, and commitment to supporting those who truly serve the nation sets M3 Defense Consulting apart in the defense industry.

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