Paving the way with AI: Interview with Yoni Epstein from Mobileye

We caught up with Yoni Epstein is Senior Director of Business Development at Mobileye. Yoni specializes in camera-only driver assist solutions, facilitating the launch of high-performance, cost-effective products that meet the highest standards in global automotive safety regulations. Don’t miss his presentation at AutoSens USA on ‘AI for AV’s: Paving the Way for Autonomous Driving’. Find out more here.

1. You are joining us at AutoSens to discuss the next era of vision-based intelligent driving.

What specific technological advancements will you be covering in your presentation? 
ADAS is transforming into intelligent driving thanks to cloud connectivity and most importantly, advancements in computing and AI. Out of the foundation laid by camera-based systems, a new era is unfolding that will set a higher standard in driver assist. Mobileye’s SuperVision™eyes-on/hands-off system is at the forefront with 360-degree vision, sophisticated driving policy software, crowdsourced mapping and OTA upgradability. This combination brings highly capable supervised automation within reach. Mobileye’s next generation of SuperVision raises the bar even higher with a one-board solution comprised of two EyeQ6Hs, the newest member of Mobileye’s EyeQ™ SoC family. At AutoSens, I will highlight the impact of SuperVision to date and preview what’s on the horizon as we take this step forward with our most advanced chip. 

2. How does the latest SoC, the EyeQ6H, translate into tangible benefits for carmakers in terms of efficiencies in integration, production, and overall system performance within intelligent driving solutions? 

The EyeQ6H boasts more than twice the compute capacity of its predecessor, the EyeQ5, while maintaining an efficient power consumption envelope, enabling us to add more technologies such as advanced AI engines, and Image Signal Processing and Graphics Processing Unit tools. The EyeQ6H eliminates the need for additional hardware for features such as parking visualization and Driver & Occupant Monitoring Systems. Consolidated onto a one-board solution, SuperVision powered by EyeQ6H unburdens OEMs from integration complexities and the associated costs. Our sensing architecture is also improved with added redundancies powered by advanced algorithmic engines and techniques, resulting in enhanced detection when it’s needed most, such as remote areas with limited mapping.   

3. How do you see emerging technologies, especially those within SuperVision, shaping the trajectory of intelligent driving systems as they evolve from current ADAS capabilities towards future autonomy? 

The pressure is rising for OEMs to deliver high performance partial automation as a feature to their customers. A robust intelligent driving system will become essential to competitiveness, but distinct driving experiences will continue to define car brands. With automation in vehicles increasing, automakers want the flexibility to tailor their offerings. However, they grapple with the time-to-market challenges and performance risks associated with developing automated systems from scratch. 

Mobileye’s DXP, or Driver Experience Platform, is our solution that allows automakers to program aspects of the SuperVision driving experience without having to build the underlying sensing and planning layer that is universal to all automated driving experiences.  

4. How do you view the role of platforms like AutoSens in fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the industry, particularly concerning advancements in vision-based intelligent driving systems? 

Computer vision has enabled a transformation in driving safety over the last decade, and advancements in AI are leading to further leaps in perception performance. In such a fast-evolving and competitive field, keeping your ear to the ground is critical. It is an exciting time to be ADAS, and forums like this help keep the industry moving forward.  

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About Yoni Epstein
Yoni Epstein is Senior Director of Business Development at Mobileye, a global leader in autonomous driving solutions. Since joining Mobileye in 2012, Yoni has held several roles, from leading OEM production programs to technical regulations, and recently leading the business development team working with global OEMs and Tier1s aimed at increasing the adoption of Mobileye’s product portfolio across all levels of automation. Yoni specializes in camera-only driver assist solutions, facilitating the launch of high-performance, cost-effective products that meet the highest standards in global automotive safety regulations. 

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