Leaf Jiang

Leaf Jiang

CEO & Founder


About Leaf Jiang

Dr. Leaf Jiang is an engineering industry executive and leading authority on 3D vision systems. Leaf received his B.S., M.Eng, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at MIT, with a focus on optoelectronics, and then went on to MIT Lincoln Laboratories for 12 years where he headed LiDAR R&D for the President’s Office and built coherent and direct detection LiDARs for the military. In 2017, as the autonomous vehicle industry gained momentum, Leaf realized that there was a substantial opportunity to service the gap between what LiDAR could deliver and the needs of the market. Leaf started NODAR to address that gap.

Dr. Jiang lives in Concord, MA with his wife Meghan and 5 children and bikes to work every day, rain or shine.

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