Sneha Shetiya

Staff Software Engineer


About Sneha Shetiya

Sneha Shetiya is a Senior IEEE member and Staff SW Engineer, with 8 years of experience in the automotive Industry. She currently focuses on autonomous vehicles.  She has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering with a focus on computer vision which equips her for AV complexities.  At Torc Robotics, she tackles embedded topics for the AV stack which are crucial aspect of safety.  Her work with automotive diagnostics and systems engineering further emphasizes her commitment to reliable AVs.  She has two patents filed for the SOTIF standard and is part of SAE and IEEE STANDARDS committees as a Producer which showcase her proactive approach to AV safety.  Active in IEEE and WIE groups, she demonstrates leadership and mentorship within engineering.  Sneha’s technical skills, safety focus, and leadership make her a valuable asset in the development of safe AVs.

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