Searching for a problem worth fixing

With only days before the inaugural AutoSens Awards, held at the awesome Brussels Atomium on September 20th 2017, we’re profiling some of those special individuals and companies alike that the industry have chosen to honour.

Richard Baverstock, Founder and CEO of startup and two-time AutoSens Awards Nominee – Mogol

We chatted to Founder and CEO of Mogol, Richard Baverstock, and asked him to reflect on the upcoming AutoSens Awards, where his company has been nominated and shortlisted in the “Best Startup” and the “Software Innovation” categories…

Congratulations on being shortlisted, how does it feel?

It’s really an honour to be shortlisted, especially when it’s for two categories. Our team has worked tremendously hard and the recognition has them ecstatic.

How would you explain your shortlisted innovation (Glide) to a technophobe?

Almost every new vehicle comes with a digital display and ¾ of drivers are using smartphones. Mogol Connected Traffic Management (CTM) – previously called Glide – takes what traditionally requires expensive infrastructure like digital message signs and road sensors and instead uses vehicle sensors and the screens already in front of drivers.

As an example, instead of spending millions on variable speed limit and dynamic lane signs like on the M42 in the UK, the Mogol CTM platform enables that data to be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle or used by your navigation app.

Have you started looking at how your data model translates to countries in Europe?

We have started to reach out to countries in Europe, and are looking for pilot and deployment opportunities.

How could the AutoSens Awards be beneficial to you?

The industry recognition that the AutoSens Awards represent is very exciting, and really validate the effort our team has put into solving the biggest problems facing transportation.

You’ve been shortlisted in two categories, but what’s your opinion of the “Best Startup” category – The category asks for “A big idea, a dynamic proposition, a brave business model or a firebrand leader” – why do you think you’ve stood out?

Every startup does hard things – going from nothing to something is always difficult.

Every startup also tries to fix a problem in the world. I think this is where we stand out. Instead of going for the easiest problem we could find, we searched for a problem that mattered, a problem that was worth fixing.

The AutoSens Awards 2017 will take place at the Brussels Atomium on September 20th 2017 in a glittering evening of celebrity entertainment, exclusive fine dining and relaxed conversation.